30 crore people are using this platform BUT your Brand isn’t?

Hello Marketer,

This platform has 30 crore users all over the world. It has 6 crore users from India.

Its global Alexa rank is 123

It gets more than 70% of its visitors through organic search.

It grew by 50% last year

The application of this platform has between 5 and 10 million downloads

But guess what? Your brand isn’t present on this platform!

Dear Marketer,

The users of this platform are curious, inquisitive and well read

They are most likely to spend longer time on your website than from other sources

Their purchasing power is high

But guess what? Your brand isn’t present on this platform!

Are you an Indian marketer?

Thanks to Facebook offering regional content, you are getting irrelevant audiences to engage with your brand

However, this platform has 6 crore Indian users who can read and write English fluently

Many users are those who have passed out of leading educational institutions

There are also power individuals with rich experience across public and private enterprises. Example: IPS, IFS, IAS officers as well as CEOs and CMOs

But guess what? Well you have guessed it right this time. Your brand isn’t present on this platform!

So which platform is this?

It is:



Oh yeah. I know about Quora.

So how is Quora affecting online marketing?

And how do I use it?

One by one my friend.

 Quora is having the following impact on digital marketing:

Quora questions are being featured on search results: When I search for ‘car servicing hacks’, the question: What are some best car service hacks is featured on the first page.

image 1

image 22

  • Quora has a long tail effect: It means as long as your answer and the backlink from the answer to your website are active, you will keep getting visitors.

Check out this answer which I wrote about a question related to retirement on 10th of October. It has got close to 3000 views on Quora since the day I wrote it. Also from 10th of October 2016 till 20th May 2017, this answer has given me 243 visitors to my blog. It is a little more than 7 months, which means on an average for my simple blog I get a little more than 1 visitor every day from that single answer.

image 3

Therefore your cost per visit keeps decreasing progressively

  • It is a virgin market: How many of your competitors are there on Quora? Hardly any. In most cases none. What stops you from capturing it?

How do I use Quora for online marketing?

Quora can be used in the following manner –

  • Organic Use of Quora –
    • You can either create a brand account or an individual account. However if you create an individual account make sure that you disclose you are representing the brand for whom you are writing on Quora. You can check out the policies here.
    • Join relevant topics
    • Once you join relevant topics, questions related to those topics will begin featuring on your feed. You can begin answering those questions.
    • Insert backlinks in keywords of your answers. Need less to say, use Google UTM to create tracking codes. You will be surprised to know about how many digital marketing managers don’t do that!
    • While writing answers, make sure you are using rich images as well as engaging words.
  • Inorganic Use of Quora –
    • You can also advertise on Quora
    • However it hasn’t opened up for all advertisers
    • You can write to them and they will ask you to fill up a survey
    • Post that keep following up with them till they agree to help

However make sure that you don’t write answers to sell your product. Write to inform, educate and engage.




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