How to target audience with Facebook Ads?


Over the last few years, social media marketing has played a very crucial role in strengthening a company’s overall marketing strategy. Facebook, a for- profit corporation and online social networking service, based in Menlo Park, California, United states is the most powerful platform amongst all social media channels. Facebook enables you to reach out to the right set of people by building a target audience for your Facebook ads. And, all credit goes to Facebook’s intelligent demographic and segmentation tools. In fact, audience targeting is one of the most important benefit of Facebook Advertisements.

Let us now discuss in detail on how to refine your advertising strategy to reach the right target audience that will matter the most to your product or service.

  • Exploring Ad- targeting options in Facebook

To begin with, there are four major set of features while targeting an ad on Facebook. Understanding each one of them in detail will give you a fair knowledge of constructing your target audience. They are as follows-

  1. Location– with Facebook targeting option, you can target your audience based on location by entering the name of one or more countries, states, provinces, cities, districts, zip codes (US) or post codes (elsewhere). With advanced options, you even choose the radius or the people who reside in the given area or can even exclude the area. Facebook picks up the location from its customers’ timelines.
  2. Demographics– this option allows you to filter audience based on their age, gender, profession, relationship status, life events, ethnic affinities and other cultural and social affiliations. This information is picked from the content, people have shared about themselves in their respective Facebook profiles.
  3. Interests– this type of segmentation allows you to filter your audience based on their hobbies, interests, and pages they like on Facebook.
  4. Behaviors– Behaviors refer to the online and offline activity that people do on or off Facebook. This gives you the idea of the device they are using, purchase behaviors, intents, travel plans and so on.


  • Exploring Advanced Targeting Options

This is an excellent way to get a detailed information about your target audience. As a custom audience, you can also import your customer’s phone number and email id. After this process is completed, audience Insights is used to take out the specific information of the customers like age and gender, location, interest types, marital status, top interests and more.

  • Expanding to a Lookalike Audience

Another logical targeting step in Facebook advertising after you have built a good custom audience is finding a lookalike audience. This allows you to mirror your Facebook fan page and enables you to expand beyond your reach, while sticking to target people with highly specific profiles. This, in turn helps in creating audiences that appear similar to your own target group.

  • Defining Audience Reach

The goal now is to create your own audience of over ten thousand people for better ad performance. The number of people your Facebook ad could potentially reach can be monitored by watching the meter next to the audience section in the ads create tool. Here, one needs to be very careful as a broad reach will present your ads to a large number of people but a narrow reach will ensure that you connect to the specific customers who matter most to your business.

However, the entire idea of effective Facebook Marketing is defined by the amalgamation of correct targeting methods and personal specific needs. Someone has rightly said, “The best Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy is diversified and comprehensive”. It doesn’t depend on one targeting option but a thoughtful collection of all might fit your various target market segments. All case studies are different and hence, at the end, you need to think about your own audience targeting, segmentation and communication messages for effective and efficient results.


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