Why do you need Digital Marketing



Digitization is the buzzword of this era.  And why not, when you can get just about anything at the click of a button! This implies the significance of digital marketing for businesses – big and small. The traditional marketing tactics and strategies have been to a large extent taken over by digital marketing due to its reachability to a larger group of people within a shorter time and lesser cost. So, let’s understand more about this new age marketing approach, its peripheral activities, and its significance.

What is digital marketing?

Most often digital marketing is understood has having a website on the internet. But, actually, it is much more than just a website. Digital marketing means strategically promoting your business across various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search, and the like. Below are the different forms of digital marketing for prominent online presence:

  • Official business website
  • Blogs
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online marketing banners like Google banners
  • Banners for social media pages like Facebook banners
  • Posts for social media pages like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Online video content marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Mobile App

Need of digital marketing

Let’s take an example of an NGO. The main aim of any NGO is to garner as many supporters as possible who will contribute towards the cause, monetarily or skilfully. This means the NGO has to reach out to a maximum number of people through its marketing strategies. In such a case, if it uses an only traditional form of marketing, it will be able to reach only the local audience. However, if it steps into the world of internet, it can reach out to a global audience with its website and presence in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, and YouTube. This will also boost branding of the NGO and with effective search engine optimization plan the NGO ranking can be improved in search sites like Google, Yahoo etc. in addition, if the official website SEO is taken care of, it can draw significant organic traffic too.

This shows that digital marketing is much more impactful and is immediately responsible for the sustainability for your business. Having said that, alike traditional marketing format, digital marketing requires a strategic approach too. Since this new-age format of marketing rapidly reaches your audience, you must be cautious about the branding aspect of your business too. It is recommended that all businesses must do a thorough research and planning before launching their products or services because the internet has the power to cause virality for both good and bad aspect of a business or matter. Also, having the official website SEO strategically planned can boost the branding of a business because when a visitor searches for a product related to your business then due to an optimized website the name of your company will reflect among the top searches. This will result in profitability and branding of your business along with creating a base for repeat customers and organic visitors.

Relevance of digital marketing

Digital marketing wouldn’t have had more relevance than in the present era of a well-networked and technologically connected world. We are all surrounded by smart devices and these devices are getting smarter by the day. The core functionality of these devices is to keep you connected with the world through internet. Today, right from purchasing grocery to applying for a job, everything can be done through the internet and certainly digital marketing has a big role to play in the choices we make. Hence, the better your company is advertised online, the more traffic it will draw, and the more profit you will make.

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